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On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Marc Aurele La France wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Andrew C Aitchison wrote:
> > 2) Much as I believe that the licence change was only a clarification
> > and right, it appears that it has made XFree86 irrelevant.
> Irrelevant to whom? Like most, you make an assumption that this project exists
> to service those who would make money off of it, or even merely use the
> software. It doesn't, and never has. It has always been the case that the
> project provides an avenue through which developers can scratch their itches.

> ... And those who have benefitted from a free ride are understandably miffed.

I plead slightly guilty to being miffed that my free ride has gone. 

Yes but that's not our fault that you are dropping RHEL...THat's your decision.
Going with debian is no different than being with RH, neither are doing XF86 right now, that's just a cost issue.

Still if I were in Europe and going t pick something non-current, I'd go with SUsie for the support & Egbert which I think is a net bonus over the backwards debian. If I were in the US and needed a name, I'd of course pick Slack.  Perhaps Slackware will catch on elsewhere and then it would be a net-gain all around.

Keep a good thought.


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