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On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Jim Gettys wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 15:26, Dr. Rich Murphey wrote:
> >
> > Any impression that a vendor consortium will be a public servant will almost
> > certainly change with time.  We've been there before.  He who does not learn
> > from history is doomed to repeat it.
> Exactly.  Some people learn from history, and some do not.
> This is why the Foundation is *not* a vendor
> consortium, (despite the similarity of name to the predecessor
> organization, which was an industry consortium),
> and is an open membership organization,
> where anyone who contributes has say in its governance.

 I believe that the foundation will eventually be a vendor
consortium.  Some of the vendors have too much at stake and
I have seen the pressure they have put on the XFree86 project.
The foundation will either come under attack as XFree86
has, with complaints of it not serving its constituents, or it
will turn into a vendor driven organization.  I predict the

 You can call me cynical, but I even believe that there are
people associated with the creation of the foundation
who know this, and that this is all just a guise to come up
with a vendor driven organization with a better public image.

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