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I don't remember any of these distributions making statements to that 
effect in this list. Could you point me at such statements elsewhere ?


Slackware and NetBSD did make public statements on forum.  Use the search utility we provide.  

Others have written in as I mention on distro-support.html.  Perhaps you should read it Andy.  I am not going to forward every piece of mail Webmaster gets, or do your searching for you,  because I am not your secretary.

You can check them as they happen every Monday at
SOmetimes though they tell us first and distrowatch gets the news from us.
Either way, as the arklinux-debian clone posted on devel, I verify every letter that comes in so there is never a mistake. 

And yes since you asked, it's a lot of work but I believe it's very important
and so do our permanent troll otherwise he wouldn't whine so.

Happy Palm Sunday to all,


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