Re: Mission statement and 1.1 license issues

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John Bradford wrote:
> Are you saying that you don't believe that the 1.1 license is
> incompatible with the GPL?

I say that XFree86 1.1 license is fully compatible with the GNU 
GPL. A compilation is NOT a derivative work. The distinction 
is quite obvious. Your car is NOT a derivative work of its gas 
pedal. Talk to ask your lawyer about "first sale" and "copyright 
misuse" doctines.




RMS: We have no say in what is considered a derivative work. That 
is a matter of copyright law, decided by courts. When copyright 
law holds that a certain thing is not a derivative of our work, 
then our license for that work does not apply to it. Whatever our 
licenses say, they are operative only for works that are 
derivative of our code. 

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