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Marc Aurele La France wrote:
> On 9 Mar 2004, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
> > DD> The licensing *policy* has not changed.  XFree86 has exercised the
> > DD> same freedom of licensing choice that it has been offering its
> > DD> contributors for some time.
> > You keep ignoring one important objection to the licence change.
> > A lot of the XFree86 code has been contributed under the XFree86
> > licence by people who were acting under the assumption that their code
> > would remain under the old licence.
> > The licencing change has apparently been decided single handedly by
> > you, without consulting most contributors (for my part, I learnt about
> > the change from the press).
> > I believe this to be a case of mis-governance.  Until this question is
> > settled, it will be difficult for many contributors (including myself)
> > to trust the XFree86 governing body (i.e. you).
> That you contributed code that would end up under XFree86's license, and
> that you are objecting now, simply means that, at the time, you did not
> wish to be specifically recognised for your contributions.  So, simply
> submit a change that is more in line with your current intent.
> [...]

I'm somehow certain that Juliusz Chroboczek objects not because he
does not wish "to be specifically recognized" for his contributions.
You keep pretending that the license change does not have any side
effects and is just a matter of "wish" for XFree86 contributors and
means nothing for everybody else.

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