Re: New licence and driver SDK ?

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Le Mercredi 3 Mars 2004 21:00, Alan Coopersmith a écrit :
> Nicolas Boulay wrote:
> > It avoid proprietary fork. It avoid to close the code add 1% of line,
> > make it uncompatible to keep your customers. That's exactly what append
> > to spice (a cad tools, used everywhere but each version is incompatible).
> Unfortunately, in today's graphics market, preventing that means
> preventing companies from providing drivers for their boards since
> they don't want their trade secrets made public.  You have the choice
> of not supporting those practices if you don't mind not getting all
> the performance out of your hardware that you paid for when you bought
> it, but applying the GPL to an X distribution takes that choice away
> from everyone who uses it.

That's not the point at all. A lot of closed modules still existe for the GPL 
linux kernel. Maybe one a day a new comers will came with GPL drivers and be 
help to be more stable and fast.


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