Re: about your new 1.1 license

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At 09:26 AM 3/3/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> Notice that since the modified licence will not be applied to the client
> side library, the GPL-compatibility issue is moot.

That is complete rubbish.

Sure, it covers most common cases, and will satisfy the majority of
users, but in this day and age, the GPL is treated by many as a kind
of 'default' license to put their software under, simply because it is
so effective and widely used.  Maybe years ago the situation would
have been different, but in 2004, there is a huge archive of GPL'ed
code, and it is growing.  The license change of XFree86 _will_ reduce
the ability to reuse code from other GPL'ed projects, in XFree86.
Even if there is no practical need to do so at the moment, it is a
dubious route to go down, in my opinion.

Please, don't spread mis-information by claiming that the
GPL-compatibility issue is moot - it's _not_.

i can see as a kernel man you feel that way man but it's a different space.


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