Re: New licence and driver SDK ?

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Alexander Terekhov wrote:
Ed Cogburn wrote:

[... linking ...]

Of course the FSF's lawyers disagree with Rosen.

FSF is just trying to bluff people. Do you seriously believe that their claims like could stand in court of law? Uhmm, on a second thought... it could probably help FSF's lawyers to form the basis for raising the insanity defense or something like that.

If you really believe they are bluffing, then call them on it. Violate the GPL based on a linking issue and let the whole world, including the FSF, know about it. Then we'll *all* find out if they are bluffing, and/or whether the GPL can stand up in court. So far I hear a lot of bitching, yet no one who believes the GPL is wrong has put their money where their mouth is and taken the FSF/GPL to court. *You* may absolutely convinced its wrong, but you aren't the judicial system, so excuse me if wait to hear from a *judge* whether the GPL is valid or not.

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