Re: [XFree86] Announcement: Modification to the base XFree86(TM) license.

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At 09:27 PM 2/13/2004 +0100, Matthieu Herrb wrote:

I'm also not satisfied by this license change. I fail to see what is
the real benefit of the project in the new formulation.
Most of the users of XFree86 -based product already recognize and
appreciate the contribution of the project to the software community
in general.

The new 3rd clause is very constraining for people distributings CDs
or other material that includes XFree86, and I'm not sure if the
project has the resources to make sure it's respected by all products
that include XFree86.

wow man! a threat. really cool. i like that. the "security" group f the BSDs threatening people.

so what does OPENBSD do with Freetype?   it has the advertising clause
in full.  you don't ship it eh?

btw,  i checked your site and  i see nary a word of
xfree86...but perhaps i missed it ;-)


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