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On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 18:28:07 -0500 (EST) umberto diaz wrote:
>Subject: FW: Re:  the Link to the Xorg_Foundation mail
>The XOrg_Foundation list is also open. You can subscribe 
at: Leon
>That is most gracious that you invite everyone.  But as a friend of  
>David's, (and I do not hide that fact that I knew him long long ago in the 
>early days of this project,  and I was pleased to meet him when he came to 
>the Bay Area a few years back and have regained contact with him)  I object 
>that your note stated David knew of this.  I have checked with my friend 
>and with your list.  David is not subscribed and he has no recollection of 
>this note between you.  I am sure as an important man you make mistakes 
>too, and that's why keeping everyone in the loop is imperative so mistakes 
>can be fixed immediately.  I am sure you see the logic to this.

Umberto -

	My apologies. I had not  known that David Dawes' name was removed 
from the list on Feb 6. As a member of X.Org, representing XFree86, his name 
was on the original list. I assumed it was still there.
	But I think we've better things to do...

>I also think that many many important discussions are happening on your 
list.  Lately this one of how VNC is linking against a non-GPL library is of 
the utmost concern to all of us who are or were in the open-source 
community.  I think Mr. Robinson and Mr. Packard are speaking with authority 
on this subject and this authority should be something we can all learn 
from.  What does happen when such a violation happens?  What do we do?   
These are questions I have.  I am sure others have the same.
>I think many of Mr. Robinson's missives to be of great import.  I think it 
only right and just that when he or anyone else of your list refer to David 
and technical issues that pertain to XFREE86 that they be cc:'d.  You do not 
have to be a subscriber, I was not originally when I sent all my bad email, 
just a lurker thru the archives, but I joined when several good men sent me 
messages that I was failing in trying to keep everyone in communicado and I 
wanted to get these bad email firsthand.
>I humbly request that these important, and I think very important, 
technical discussions not be amongst some wise men but all wise men and 
particularly with XFREE86 since it is their technical base with which you 
are discussing.
>Best Regards, 
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