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Owen Taylor writes:
 > It's certainly conceivable to do have libdix, libmi, libfb; in
 > effect have a "X server development kit". And it would no-doubt 
 > make the code organization of the server easier to understand for a
 > casual hacker. 
 > Still, it seems like a lot of work for relatively low gain.

Yes, I'm afraid this is true.

 > [...]
 > >  > 
 > >  >  * Release management becomes more of a coordination effort 
 > >  >    (do we have tarballs from everybody?) rather than one central
 > >  >    'cvs tag' 'cvs export'.
 > >  > 
 > > 
 > > Are you suggesting to split the tree into separate repositories?
 > > I don't think there is anything which we cannot do with proper
 > > tags/modules in one single CVS repository.
 > No, I'm suggesting multiple modules in a single repository; 
 > I'm simply suggesting that the hypothetical xeyes maintainer
 > would apply the XFREE86_5_6_0 tag when they felt that all
 > the necessary bugs were fixed, rather than making it something
 > that had to be done globally.

OK, this seems reasonable to me. My idea was quite similar.

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