Has the forum affected XFree86 at all?

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Now the dust has settled on some raging forum discussions, has XFree86 as
a project changed in direction at all?

Are any of the big issues resolved or decided upon?  Do the core
developers even consider there a need for XFree86 to change or evolve as a

* Modulisation of frequently updating components, especially drivers?

* Is there any need for a change in governance or not?  (At least those
calling for it have gone really quiet of late.)

* Is there any progress being made for XFree86 to become more encouraging
of new developers and experimental code, through branches in CVS or
friendly coordination with other groups' CVS?

* Is there any hope of XFree86 becoming adopting a more OSS community
friendly package state where, rather that incorporating packages such as
eg Freetype directly into X, instead the XFree86 team communicate with the
Freetype with regards to incorporating features that benefit both

* And, after all of this, is Keith back on board the XFree86 development
team, or has he been left behind?

Whilst some very recognisable faces in the OSS community in general have
expressed great desire for some or all of the above points, I can not
recall any really encouraging statements from those officially associated
with the XFree86 project.  Nothing more than opinions, at least.

The above, I'm sure, are all questions that those interested in XFree86,
as a project and as part of the larger OSS picture, would like to hear an
answer to.

- Charlie
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