Re: XFree86 modularization

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On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 09:25:39PM -0700, Torrey T. Lyons wrote: 
> Here's a counter example: In recent history this would have caused 
> great difficulties on Darwin/Mac OS X with Freetype. Freetype is 
> largely only installed on Mac OS X as part of XFree86. Although 
> Freetype supports Mac OS X, the Freetype team has no committers with 
> a Mac OS X box. Until a few days ago you could not even build 
> standard Freetype on Mac OS X using gcc but had to use a proprietary 
> compiler. I do not mean to pick on the Freetype team--they do a great 
> job. Freetype has just had a different emphasis with regards to which 
> platforms they support. However, whenever XFree86 depends on an 
> external library that may not have the same level of support for all 
> the platforms XFree86 supports, you need to have XFree86 maintain a 
> local copy of the library.

This is a case where having one CVS server (and general hosting
umbrella) with lots of projects on it can be helpful.

Unrelated - Owen mentioned build scripts, two good ones used for GNOME 
are "GAR" which builds from tarballs:
and the more CVS/developer-oriented "jhbuild"

jhbuild has no web site afaik, it just lives on But it
already supports fontconfig, Xrender, and some other things and has
some neat features.

The build scripts are handy to be sure developers can build a package
with all dependencies by typing a single command.

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