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Mark Vojkovich writes:
 >    Does this need to be a single organization with a single
 > government?  While I think XFree86 could serve as code-keeper
 > and help with implementation issues (provided we have the
 > expertise), I think putting the responsibility of being "the
 > umbrella" upon XFree86 would be too taxing of the project.

I think what Havoc's point boils down to one thing:
The goal is to have one single forum where ideas and 
implementation issues get discussed where everybody
invloved in the entire chain from GUI toolkit down to
the HW level participates to avoid duplication of 
So for instances if someone proposes an extension he 
wants to work on the HW people can say if they think
this is feasable and fits into their part of the 
'big picture' or not. It would help if people 
involved in leadership of XFree86 would participate.

The 'governance issue' is there to resolve matters
if there is no consent.
While I see some merits in the former, I have problems
with the latter: I would think the chain from toolkit
down to the HW can be broken into parts reasonable well 
so that decisions about feasability/acceptability 
can be made within each part.
I don't think this has to happen or should happen
within one single project. 
Several projects can well cooporate on such effords. 


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