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On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 07:28:51PM -0400, Mark Vojkovich wrote: 
>    XFree86 has never claimed to own X11.  I don't believe XFree86
> has ever desired to be any more than the best X11 implementation that
> it can be given the limited resources.  So given that, I think you
> have no basis for demanding these things of the XFree86 project. 

The test is the following: Say another X11 project were created with
the stated goal of defining new APIs and innovations and being the
canonical definer of those - with the goal of being an umbrella
project that builds and moves forward an X platform, as I've
described, integrating and This is what David
said I should go do myself, I think.

Would you flame about it, or would you say "cool, do whatever you

Would it change your reaction if other large projects and companies
supported this new project, because it aligned with their goals?

If you would not flame about this other project, or start claiming
that in fact you suddenly want to do the same thing as the new
project, then I agree with you that you have no obligations.

This is all hypothetical though. It'd be a lot better if XFree86 *was*
interested in hosting this kind of work. And I honestly do not
understand why you aren't.

Why don't we just fix the problem and say XFree86 is X, it will guide
all things X, and do what it takes to get there. Instead of wasting a
bunch of time and energy. I don't get that.

There's this big picture where we can really improve the state of free
software, and we're bogged down in stuff we'll all consider totally
silly in 6 months.

I still think we should at least get on the phone and try to sort it


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