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> > That's a good spot to start bargaining.  Let's change "many years" to "last 
> > three months".  I know I don't qualify under that metric but I'm willing to 
> > work three months for a vote.
>    I don't see why there should be any bargaining about it.  I
> personally don't think someone who has contributed to a project for
> a mere three months should have much say in anything.  It makes it
> too easy for people to take the position lightly if they haven't
> worked hard enough for it.  

The reality (in GNOME too) is he who wrote it calls the shots, simply
because no gnome "management" can actually dictate terms to anyone. It
administers general things by consent. 

I don't see how XFree differs. If something thinks XFree86 is about
windows not Dawes[1] then just go do it.  I'll do my mediagx hacking
and input hacking on whichever tree is easiest to work with.

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