Re: [forum] How about running X on top of something else?

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On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 11:46:46PM +0100, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Imagine the situation: There's a GGI driver for XFree86 and you use
> the fbdev target on your console (fbdev driver is already loaded).
> XFree86 scans the PCI bus for the card to get control over it
> before let act the GGI driver. Then the GGI driver
> sets up the graphic mode => the fbdev target uses fbdev's ioctl for this.
> Past this point, fbdev and XFree86 comes into a hw-resource access
> conflict => BOOM!

So don't load XFree's scanpci module.

> That's just one situation. Using GGI's svgalib target in that situation
> is even worse!

Maybe using svgalib is a bad idea anyway :)

> And btw: Is scanning the local PCI bus really necessary when the memory
> target or even a remote target is used?
> IMO, there's a major design flaw in XFree86!! Sorry.

Maybe you should read the code you're talking about before trolling

> If you don't believe me, then ask the XDarwin folk, why they write their
> own X server instead of a _native_ XFree86 driver using
> Apple's Quartz/OpenGL/whatever API _directly_!

Why not?  If I had to write an Xserver for an OS with an existing
Graphics framework I'd do the same..

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