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On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Alan Cox wrote:

> > totally unusable. For example, if you run certain games on an XFree86
> > server without hardware acceleration, it pretty much locks up the X
> > server due to the slowness of the software GL.
> Note that the game itself _can_ figure out what GL is there. Also thats

And it is not really necessary for the game to know the difference between
software and hardware GL. All it has to do is to suspend itself with an
appropriate dialog box if it notices it cannot render more than 5 frames
per second. A simple watchdog thread can do it without disruption of the
main code. This can even be automated in GL library - frames can be
detected by checking when buffers are swapped.


                          Vladimir Dergachev

> an X server bug. Ditto the same problem with continual 2D handling. If
> X was a bit smarter about how it scheduled multiple clients it could
> minimise this problem a fair bit
> Alan
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