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> Is there an easier or better way for individual users such as myself to
> directly assist XFree86 development financially? Where could I send my
> money that would be useful? DRI? Tungsten Graphics?
> Individual developers? What would be a minimum contribution to cover the
> overhead of accepting such donations?

Some developers take donations - Thomas the SiS wizard for example
takes donations on his web page.

> Or do you recommend that I only indirectly support XFree86 by purchasing
> the boxed packages that are produced by companies that sponsor XFree86
> development?

My employer might not love me for pointing out the obvious 8) but funds
that go directly to a target organisation normally work best, or to the
developer. One big problem is that if you go to a commercial vendor and
say "here is the data sheet, give me a driver" most people will be 
rather suprised at the cost. Even if you go to India or other 'cheap'
suppliers software is an expensive business in people hours


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