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On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 04:09:13AM +0100, Alexander Kellett wrote:
>On Sat, Mar 22, 2003 at 09:57:34PM -0500, David Dawes wrote:
>> Actually it does work as you say it should.  That it works differently
>> from this is a persistent and lingering myth that we're trying very
>> hard to dispell.
>the fact that only 15 people have cvs access 
>seems to go against what you say, right?

Why do you equate CVS access with determining the technical direction
of a Project?  The fact is that developers don't write what some
pontificating group of has-been grey-beards tells them they should
write.  They write what they want to write, and that's what carries
the real weight in determining the direction of XFree86.

>you ask carl worth to give his reasons for the 
>difficulty he's had maintaining his code. surely 
>the mere fact that he has made a point about it
>proves a problem in the process? your response 
>to his email seemed quite defensive.

In my response I simply attempted to correct some incorrect
assumptions that I felt were relevant to the conclusions drawn.
If that seemed "quite defensive", then I need to work on my writing
style :-)  (The Liberal Arts were never my strong point in case
you hadn't noticed.)

Getting back to this particular thread, there are no old non-active
XFree86 guys telling Carl Worth what he can work on.  From his
description of his work, it sounds like it could stand on its own
independently of XFree86.  If Carl Worth would like his work to
become a part of XFree86, then he should present it to the XFree86
developers via the public list.

>maybe its just my involvement in the kde project
>- which is about as open as could be possible - 
>that gives me this attitude, but well, i think 
>its the right one.

Yes, the development environment that you work in probably affects
your attitude and expectations, just as the one I work in affects
mine.  It's natural that you think yours is right, othewise you'd
change it, wouldn't you? :-)  Surely there's enough room in this
world for different opinions to co-exist.

David Dawes
Release Engineer/President                      The XFree86 Project

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