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RE: [Xpert]FreeBSD 5.0 XFree86 4_2_1 source anyone?

On 31-Dec-2002 gilbert_j@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've cvsup RELENG_5_0 yesterday, make kernel, make world.
> Then I've cvsup xf-4_2_1 into another source directory, make World, make
> install.
> make World gave warnings of no big big integers, but completed.
> make install failed because the FreeBSD.cf supplied apparently called for
> ansic.inc version that's different.
> [all names above I recall from memory, maybe slightly off..]
> Question: anyone has include file or source or patch or instruction to
> make above combination work?
> I'm guessing it's because 5.0 uses gcc 3.2.1 and not 2.9 anymore, and
> include files changed...
> If above combination is not good, any suggestions?  I'm starting off with
> a new hard drive, though I'm sort of committed now using FreeBSD 5.0.  (I
> also have it dual boot to Windows and Linux.)  As came with the cvsup,
> the ports supplied is Xfree86 3.3.6...

If you go to /usr/ports/x11/XFree86-4, you can build X 4.2.1 from source
that way and it should work fine.  That's how I build X on my laptop running


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