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Re: PAL Modeline with S3 ViRGE DX.

Filip djMedrzec Zyzniewski wrote:
> Hey.
> I have a S3 VIRGE video card (using it because of XVideo). Xserver tells me
> that it can handle dotclocks from 20MHz to 200MHz.
> I'd like to produce TV PAL signal with it (I have a VGA => SCART converter),
> but that would involve dotclock of 15MHz. Can I force virge to work at such
> dotclock?

I don't think you can with options, but I it should be possible by
modifying the source.  I don't think the 20MHz lower limit is directly
tied to the hardware limitations, so getting a lower limit should be
possible, but I haven't looked at that area in a while.  I'm planning to
do some updating of the driver in the not to distant future.  I'll make
a note to take a look.

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