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Re: MGA driver: SyncOnGreen won't, and DRI (3D accel )problems.

On Sun, 2002-12-22 at 21:00, Billy Biggs wrote:
> kwall@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (kwall@xxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> > Feigning erudition, Chris Worley wrote:
> > % 
> > % I turned off HAL by setting 
> > % 
> > %     #define UseMatroxHal            NO
> > %     #define BuildMatroxHal          NO
> > % 
> > % in xf86site.def.
> > % 
> > % Sync-On-Green now works.  What's HAL and what does it have against the
> > % SyncOnGreen mga option?
> > 
> > HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer. I've no idea why it doesn't like
> > SyncOnGreen.
>   I'm a little surprised by this.  Recently I could not get SyncOnGreen
> to work with either HAL or the XFree drivers and a Matrox G400 (on
> either head), using X 4.1.  I figured it was a problem with the monitor
> (and it still could be).  When I noticed the recent posting that it
> might be a problem in the driver, you gave me alot of hope. :)
>   Or do the #defines do something more drastic than just switching
> between using HAL and not using it in the XF86Config-4 file?

I didn't know the HAL was excludable from the XF86Config file.  The
predicate that keeps the SyncOnGreen bit from bing reset is  "if
(!pMga->HALLoaded..."; so it sounds like the config file setting should
work.  If I were still hacking at this problem, then I'd be testing it. 

Try also the "poor mans OR" that I described.  I realize it's a hack,
but if it works, then you're getting sync signals on the H & V lines.


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