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Keysym String to Character

	I am trying to use Xlib to display keyboard characters, and I am having 
trouble with non-letter characters such as "$" and ":". The function 
XKeysymToString returns the descriptive strings for these characters 
("dollar" and "colon".)
	I have found the XLookupString function, but I am trying to do this 
outside of somebody actually pressing on the keyboard, and have not 
found anything in the Xpert archives.
	I was wondering if anyone knew of an easy way or function to get one of 
such characters from this string representation of the character. I 
could generate a fake keypressed event to send to XLookupString, but 
that seems very roundabout when I already have the correct keysym.
	XConvertCase returns some alphabetic character rather than the symbol 
defined by the keysym.
	Thanks for any help!	

                                James Fraumeni

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