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Virtual Terminal


I was playing around with my x-server a litte bit today and started to think 
about the VT switching mechanism. When I start X I get auto-redirected to 
vt07 and after that I can switch back to vt01-vt06. When I press Ctrl-Alt-F1 
I assume that the x-server give's the underlying vt control of the keyboard, 
mouse and screens, even screens that aren't used by the console. Is it 
possible to let the underlying vt only get control of the mouse and keyboard 
and not the screen, e.g. the X screen is still shown but it doesn't have 
mouse or keyboard focus. And when I press Ctrl-Alt-F7 the x-server will again 
get keyboard and mouse focus. Is this configurable or do I need to mess with 
the sources ?

In case I have to mess around with the sources, in what file is the vt 
switching mechanism ?

Thanks in advance,
Yours Faithfully,
Per Edin

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