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Re: 3d accelleration support

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 04:40:09PM -0500, Noah L. Meyerhans wrote:
> If I were to replace this card with another 3d card,
> what would be a safe chipset to select if I want to stick with
> open source drivers?

Matrox cards.  They're so well supported it makes me laugh everytime a
friend buys something else.  All basic functions are supported by Free
drivers.  In addition, Matrox develops GPL drivers and a GPL version of
their Windows PowerDesk software.

While their 3D support isn't up to the bleeding edge of the NV/ATI
curve, my aging G400 card keeps up more than well enough.  If
you want to drive a digital LCD or decode DVDs in hardware you'll need a
proprietary chunk of code linked into your driver - due to Macrovision

They have a beta module out for Parhelia, haven't heard anything about
it.  Seeing as they support most everything back to the G200 cards
though, I'd say quality support could be counted on.

Ross Vandegrift

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