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Thank you ATI! - was ATI driver that supports "Powered byATI cards is out!

Thank you ATI.

I recently ordered a Dell Inspiron Laptop and upgraded the video card
from the default nVidia card to the ATI Radeon 9000 - a US$130 upgrade. 
The sole reason for the upgrade was that ATI has been such a faithful
supporter of the XFree86 project.

I was very pleased that after installing the RPM released by ATI - which
was very easy to do - I was able to play "Return to Castle Wolfenstein"
on my laptop (mission critical app).  Not only did it play smoothly, but
it played smoothly at 1600x1200 resolution (beautiful).

Of course Wolfenstein is not why I ordered the laptop - but it sure is
nice to get all the performance from the machine that I paid money for. 
And it does perform beautifully!

Thanks again,

Nat Ersoz
Nat Ersoz             nat.ersoz@xxxxxxxxx  -o) 
Myrio Corporation     Phone: 425.897.7278  /\\
3500 Carillon Point   Cell:  425.417.5182 _\_V
Kirkland, WA 98033    Fax:   425.897.5600

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