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Re: i830 revisited (recent CVS build)

>>>>> "MvE" == Martin van Es <mrvanes@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

MvE> Is the line "Not using mode "1400x1050" (no mode of this name)"
MvE> based on the fact that no mode called "1400x1050" passes by
MvE> during the mode probing part? Or is it something I can help in
MvE> the Configuration file?

My understanding is that the BIOS is used to actually set the video
modes, since the necessary information which would enable XFree to do
it itself has not been released.  Thus only modes that the BIOS knows
about can be set.  Since the BIOS doesn't say that it knows anything
about a 1400x1050 mode, there's no way for XFree to set that mode.

(I also have some i830 machines running XFree CVS, but they only have
1024x768 screens so I'm spared this particular problem.)

 - J<
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