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horiz. lines showing up on s3virge

I am having the same problem with my S3Virge card
(Diamond 3D 2000).  Problem started when I installed
Slackware with XFree86 version 4.2.0.  

You can get rid of the horizontal lines by switching
to the 'vesa' driver instead of the 's3virge' driver. 
Problem with that is 'vesa' is too slow and doesn't
support resolutions higher than 1024x768 at least on
my card.

When using the 's3virge' driver, I tried enabling and
disabling all options and didn't get any positive

Thanks for any help,

--- Matt Anthony wrote:
> Folks,
> I've recently upgraded to Red Hat Linux 7.3 after
> using 6.2 for a few years without any trouble.  Now,
> I
> see horizontal lines that show up and disappear
> during
> any movement on the screen when in X.  If I dont
> touch
> the mouse or keyboard, I do not see this problem,
> just
> a clean screen.
> My card shows up as an "S3 Virge (generic)" when
> probed, and I know it has 4 Meg of ram.  I use an
> P200 monitor, which I don't know for sure it's
> capabilities, but the XFree86 logfile says can
> handle
> hsync range of 29.00-90.00 kHz, and vrefresh range
> of
> 50.00-120.00 Hz.
> I'm trying to do a resolution of 1280x1024 and 16
> bpp,
> but have also used 1024x768 at 16 and even 8 bpp to
> make sure it could handle this.
> My biggest hangup is that this used to work fine
> without the lines showing up on my display, and I
> always used the defaults that were probed.  I never
> had to mess with the configuration in the past.  I
> am
> starting to wonder now if the hardware has problems.
> Anyway, help would be appreciated, I didn't include
> the whole XFree86.0.log but only parts that I
> thought
> were important(below).  If the whole thing would be
> helpful let me know and I'll repost.
> Thanks,
> -Matt

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