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Re: X on compaq presario 1600 xl

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Don Fong wrote:
> Oisin C. Feeley wrote:
>>This line alone doesn't bode well.  At the very least you should get a 
>>more recent XFree86.  If you are stuck installing from CD because of 
>>bandwidth issues then perhaps the best thing would be to get one of the 
>>cheapo copies of RedHat from one of the commercial resellers?
>thanks for your answer!
You're welcome.

>i'm installing from a CD because i don't have the network
>card working yet.  the original install apparently didn't
>enable pcmcia support.  perhaps a better approach would
>be to tackle the pcmcia and networking problem first?
>i'm open to suggestions.

Well, that'd be off topic for this list.  If you check out the URL I 
posted you'll find plenty of info.  Really though I'd get a c. US$10 CD 
set from someone like CheapBytes.com.  There'll be more recent drivers 
for your PCMCIA stuff too.  Very possibly your equipment didn't exist 
when Red Hat 5.0 came out and thus there won't be drivers on your CDs.

>also, since i don't have X working yet, i'm stuck with
>the stupid caps lock layout.  is there any way to remap
>the keyboard outside of X?
Again, that'd be "outside of X" and hence outside of this list's 
purview.  However "man loadkeys" and "man keymaps" will get you what you 

Oisin Feeley


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