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Re: [Xpert]ATI Radeon IGP 320M and XFree86

dgholstein@excite.com wrote:
> I'm not much of an expert on Xservers but I just tried out the latest
> CVS branch ( and had no luck with the IGP 320. (read my
> previous post on the ATI IGP)

could this be explained by the fact that the 9000 has an ID 0x4966 as
reported in some earlier postings (hy0@ipoline.com 'et al' 12 sep 2002),
whereas i found 0x4336 for my IGP 320M ?  I am still unclear if the
"faking" of an 8500 ID (see same posting) in the config file could bring
the IGP 320 to work with X 4.2.x (i will try it anyway...).


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