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X on MAC OSX Again

I, too, am trying to get XDarwin working on a Macintosh G4 running OS X. I 
had it working for two days, but (like an idiot) updated some things and 
now it doesn't work anymore. I'm running OS X.2 (jaguar). I have 
uninstalled it (I'm never sure if I've gotten everything, but I've deleted 
everything I can find) and am starting from scratch. I've installed 
"XFree86_4.2.0.1-10.2" followed by "Jaguar XTerm Update" When I launch 
XDawrin the screen will go gray (in full screen mode, like it's supposed 
to) stay that way for approximately ten seconds, then it will crash and go 
back to OS X.
	Any ideas? Suggestions? Black magic? I really need to get this working. 


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