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Trident + Ogle

Hi folks,

Just joined the list so be gentle. I did search the last 6 months of 
newbie archives before I posted this question. I've got a Compaq 
Presario 1200 laptop with a Trident CyberBlade i7 and DVD. Under stock 
RH 7.2 I could play  DVDs just fine. When I installed a fresh RH 8.0 
(overwrite not upgrade) I get a distorted DVD image now. The screen is 
split in the middle with the left and right sides transposed. The right 
side also has horizontal bars. The folks who make the Ogle player seem 
to know this. See FAQ 36 here for example...


I did download the trident_drv.o file from Alan's page but it did not 
help. I also note that it's smaller than the one that came with RH 8.0. 
Any ideas?


Dr. Daniel B. Koch
Assoc Prof, Elec & Comp Engr (http://www.ece.utk.edu/~koch)
Director, Applied Visualization Center (http://viz.utk.edu)


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