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Re: two cards

At 01:01 PM 10/8/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Does your motherboard have a brown AGP slot.

There is no AGP slot

>  Another question:  Is the ATI Rage 2C a PCI card?  (sorry I am
>unfamiliar with this card).

>The i810 operates as an agp card even though it is embedded on the
>motherboard.  The PCI card won't and that may explain some of the
>problem your having as the AGPGART module would be expecting an AGP card
>not the PCI.

Not a bad thought.... I'll remove the agp module load and try again. Maybe 
the graphical config will make an attempt and I can shut off the second 
(i810) board.
As I recall, ;the problem was that there is a dual head (?) issue... I 
suppose that means that the kernel is expecting two monitors... and that 
does not seem to be supported in this instance.


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