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Re: Re: Progress? What's that.


  I would like to thank you and everyone else for helping me out.  It
turns out, after I borrowed a friends windows machine -- that the
video card itself is just bad.  I first tried his computer (with a
GeForce Ti200) with my monitor -- no problems.

  The second thing I tried was the problem ATI card in his computer.
I got the exact same results I had gotten when trying it here in this
Linux box.  So I guess the card is just bad :( .  But that's also
good, since that means there is nothing wrong with X! :)

  Thanks for your help.  Before I go back out and buy the exact same
kind of card (not that I think this particular card is bad), what
would you all recommend for a card?  I would prefer below, 200$, of
course, and around 100 would be even better.

  I'm really looking for something that will do DVI/dual head later
on, when I can afford a nice LCD monitor.  But for now, I'm just
looking for something that will do good 2D at 1280x1024, or 1600x1200
with X (and also FB would be nice, you know, why not? :) ).

  I mainly just work with the computer, not play games.  But I do
graphics editing and I like to watch films on it, occasionally.  I
have a few windows games I was going to try out, through WINE, and
none of them serious.

  But other than that nothing too intense (so the latest pixel/texture
shader cards are probably overkill unless they just have a good
pricetag and comptability).

  Thanks again for all the help -- you all were very timely and
considerate, thanks.

  -Gryn (Adam Luter)

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