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Re: X modes make my eyes cross (not literally).

I'm sorry to forget those version numbers.  I'm running Debian/sid
with the prerelease 4.2 debs.  They seem to work fine, since I get a
picture and everything is detected, etc. .  So right now everyone
thinks it's the video card + bad modeline.  But it can be fixed if I
can fiddle with the modeline a bit?

I am right now just using the ones that 4.2 hands to me -- I tried
looking to see if they were stored in a file, but no avail there, must
be compiled in.

I'm going to look for that manual for my monitor and try some
modelines based of that.  (If I can find it).

Thank you for the help (very, very much).

-Gryn (Adam)

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 11:45:38AM -0700, Lionel Lecoq wrote:
> 1. 7500 have given a few problems, you should use google on the list archives, it will uncover a
> few hints (I don't have a radeon my main interest being image processing I use Matrox for their 2D
> quality)
> 2. You don't mention which version of X you are using, If my memory does not play me tricks the
> radeons started behaving from 4.2.x onward
> I suspect strongly that your monitor has nothing to do with your problems (mine are as old and
> doing fine), theoretically you don't need to specify modelines anymore with X 4.x.x unless you
> have something exotic. Running a CRT with 59 Hz is going to wipe out your eyes... 

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