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Strange Problem, Can't move windows


I am having a very strange problem and am trying to
pinpoint what exactly is going wrong.

After upgrading my system from RH 7.2 to RH 7.3, I
noticed that after a while, I would be unable to move
any windows.

I tried switching windows managers and the problem
persisted.  I tried different user accounts and the
problem persisted.  I reconfigured X and changed
resolutions, problem persisted.  Reinstalled XFree86
and the problem persisted.

I can reproduce the problem by opening up really large
image files in the Gimp.  The monitor will go blank
like it is not getting a signal or like power
management has kicked in.  I can wake it back up by
moving the mouse.  But once it has gone blank, I can
no longer move windows.

If I reboot, the problem disappears for a while. 

Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this?  Any
suggestions on how I can further debug the problem?


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