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vidoe card problem

I have problem installing Caldera Openlinux workstation and server  (3.1.1)

I have a 17 inch Dell E771a dell monitor, 16 mb Rage 128 pro ultra ghraphics card.

The problem is that during installation it refuses to accet video card memory of 16384 kb, instead it takes only 256 kb of memory on probing. I have tried to make changes through xf86config and KXConfig ..(i do not know which of them will work ) but even then it does not accept those changes. while running both utilities i found that my monitor and video card were not listed.

As a result the system refuses to go  on level 5 and listing problem with rc.gui, switches to level 3.

Till now i have not seen how a KDE looks. .:(

It has been two weeks and i have tried all permutaions of video card options, memory and monitor but of no avail...If any of you have faced the same problem and reached some solution then please advice me..

thanks in advance..


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