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(4.2.0) S3 Virge/GX still takes too long to initiate

I recently installed XFree86 via Slackware 8.1 on a system equipped with an S3 VIRGE/GX-based video card, and on my system it takes too long to initiate similar to Silvio Fonseca's e-mail in the Newbie Archives of November 2000.  Was the DDC fix suggested by Kevin Brosius ever implemented? The problem came up in 4.0.1, we're now at 4.2.0 and it appears that it still exists.......in the meantime I'll try renaming the DDC module per Kevin's suggestion.
In case it helps,  my system configuration is:
Pentium Overdrive (the 83Mhz version designed as a socket-compatible upgrade from 486 processors)
2X2GB hard drives
S3 VIRGE/GX video card w/4MB RAM
Intel EtherExpress 16 ISA network card
ESS 1869-based PnP sound card
Thanks for any and all help,
Wally Greely

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