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VIA/Trident interrupt problems

I've just installed 4.2.0 on my VIA VT8361/686B motherboard (with integrated 
Trident Cyberblade/i1 video).

I'm running linux 2.4.18-3, on a RH7.3/KDE3 install.

The problem is that I'm losing interrupts, most problematically serial RX and 

This interrupt drop-out only occurs when X is drawing icons or text. Moving a 
solitary window around on a blank desktop is OK.

If I turn off acceleration with the "NoAccel" option, the problem stops, but 
window redraws are too painful to use.

I didn't get this problem on my last MB, (VIA VT8365/686B with integrated S3 

Is this yet more proof that VIA can't design a chipset to save themselves? or 
is X disabling interrupts for some reason?


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