Re: Need php_imagick.dll for PHP 5.4

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James in (Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:29:17 -0700):
>I need one more extension for PHP 5.4, Imagick the non-thread safe 
>version for IIS.  I tried the one from PHP 5.3, but it doesn't show up 
>under phpinfo();

php_imagemagick does not compile anymore under PHP 5.4, so there is
little chance to get it working.

First offending line:

zend_hash_copy(intern->, &class_type->default_properties,
	(copy_ctor_func_t) zval_add_ref,(void *) &tmp, sizeof(zval *));


pecl\imagick\imagick.c(2377) : error C2039: 'default_properties' : is
not a member of '_zend_class_entry'

Zend\zend.h(462) : see declaration of '_zend_class_entry'
pecl\imagick\imagick.c(2377) : warning C4047: 'function' : 'HashTable *'
differs in levels of indirection from 'copy_ctor_func_t'

pecl\imagick\imagick.c(2377) : warning C4024: 'zend_hash_copy' :
different types for formal and actual parameter 2

pecl\imagick\imagick.c(2377) : warning C4022: 'zend_hash_copy' : pointer
mismatch for actual parameter 4

pecl\imagick\imagick.c(2377) : error C2198: 'zend_hash_copy' : too few
arguments for call



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