Re: PHP 64-bit binaries?

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On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Lester Caine <lester@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Pierre Joye wrote:
>> Yes Pierre - on the larger systems we run multiple machines, but on sites
>>> >  that only require a single computer, a single clean stack is also
>>> nice, with
>>> >  everything in the one base directory and without the agro of deciding
>>> if
>>> >  this is a 32bit or 64bit program. Everything running on the Linux
>>> boxes is
>>> >  64 bit, and everything is built from the same code base, so I will
>>> continue
>>> >  to use a single 64bit stack ..
>> We are not talking about a linux stack here. And a server, even on the
>> same machine, has nothing to do with the clients connecting to it, as
>> explained earlier already.
> ? I'm running the full stack on windows as 64 bit code and seeing a
> performance improvement over the 32bit version.

we are talking about your whole stack, as you didn't ran benchmarks using
32bit php vs 64bit php.

> Stripping parts out of the 64 bit stack and just running them 32bit may be
> worth the effort,

yeah, using 32bit php should gain you a little bit performance gain, and
more stable and supported build.

> but *I* am happy that my own PHP section running 64bit libraries for
> graphics and eaccelerator is running faster than switching just that section
> to 32 bit.

how do you know that it is running faster? did you benchmarked it against
the 32bit version? I thought that you didn't.

> There way well be room for improvement, but having to sort out which
> programs can be 64bit and which 32bit is just messy.

yeah, life is a bitch.

> Apache running 64 bit IS faster

are you sure?
I didn't really see any benchmarks supporting that fact, let alone for
windows, which is usually less of an interest for the apache httpd

> so using a 32 bit version once one switches to VC9 builds, so maintaining
> everything 64bit VC9 just seems sensible. Exactly the same as it is on Linux
> anyway.

yeah, if you are using php as an apache module, but if you use for example
fastcgi, you can run 32bit php with 64bit apache or vice versa.

Ferenc Kovács
@Tyr43l -

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