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Ferenc Kovacs wrote:
did you checked your "Program Files (x86)" directory lately?
for windows it is common that there are apps without 64bit versions. :(

If these machines had to run anything other than the Apache/PHP/Firebird stack that might be relevant, but my hands are tied by the customer to provide a Windows based server rather than the preferred Linux setup. Most other things are simply removed since they are not required, just leaving only the code required to run the stack.

Yes Pierre - on the larger systems we run multiple machines, but on sites that only require a single computer, a single clean stack is also nice, with everything in the one base directory and without the agro of deciding if this is a 32bit or 64bit program. Everything running on the Linux boxes is 64 bit, and everything is built from the same code base, so I will continue to use a single 64bit stack ... and when problems arise then I will deal with them, but nothing is giving me a problem currently ...

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