Re: Compiling PHP_YAZ with PHP 5.3

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Richard Quadling (2011-03-30 11:33):
Is YAZ and/or the YAZ libraries thread safe?

I was trying to compile TS.

I build locally for CLI and FastCGI, so a non-thread-safe build is
better for me - as I understand things, a non-thread-safe build will
be faster than a thread-safe build.

My instructions ...

1 - Install YAZ and add the C:\Program Files\YAZ\bin directory to your
path. The compiled extension needs access to the Yaz code at run time.
2 - Copy C:\Program Files\YAZ\include and C:\Program Files\YAZ\lib
directories to your vc9\x86\deps directory (preserve the YAZ
subdirectory in the include directory).

Yes, this is were I got stuck with the previous e-mails on the list. I've got different directory structure in my distribution of PHP (using PHP 5.3)... But now I've noticed that configuration builder magically expects deps directory to be above source directory. I'm guessing this is explained on the wiki... Anyway Yaz 4 seems to work fine for me.

Thanks for your help,

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