Re: windows 2008 R2, Apache 2.2, Php 5.3.4, phpinfo () renders as a white page

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OMG short_open_tag = On

By design it didn't like my tag <? But by using short_open_tag = On it will. 
Very Sorry for my mistake. Wont happent again.
Regards Göran

I'm unable to understand your situation.  I'm running both IIS and my own 64
bit compilation of Apache httpd fine on Win08r2 with both NICs, one is
integrated the other is add-on wireless.  What is your intention?  Have each
webserver on separate NIC?  If so, are you sure that you configured each
correctly?  If both on the same NIC, port conflict?  Look at the error logs
for Apache and in the Windows event viewer for IIS.  NOTE:  you must use PHP
VC6 binaries if you're using Apache's binary distribution and PHP as module
as it mentions in the download page.  As for IIS, did you get the NTS build
to run as FastCGI?  Only problem you should have concerning IPv6 on Windows
is relating to MySQL resolving host name, IIRC, which you'll have to use
IPv4 address instead.


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