Re: Does a spreadsheet-like front end exist for MySQL?

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> I use phpmyadmin a lot. It lacks one feature that I wish existed. You 
> can edit only
> one record at a time, and when you are editing a lot of data 
> manually, the amount
> of time it takes to open up each record and the time for so many saves can add
> up noticeably.
> I remember using a front end for MySQL a few years ago that worked much like
> a spreadsheet. You could hop around putting data into a page full of records at
> will, just like you can with a spreadsheet. You then save at any frequency you
> wish. I found this so efficient. It also gave a convenient overview of a whole
> screenful of records.
> I have and will have for some time to come a need to do a lot of manual data
> input. The usual method of a form opening for editing only one record at a
> time I find far slower and less efficient than this spreadsheet-like front end.
> It was being used by a group of programmers in Albany, N.Y. and I have
> no idea where they got it from.
> I should mention ---- this was *not* simply a spreadsheet in which 
> you added data
> and then had to import into MySQL each time. The action of saving would update
> the database in use every time (--- ie. really simple to use). I seem 
> to remember
> that you could even scroll through data. You could easily add, delete 
> or change.
> You didn't have to declare which one of these actions either.
> Do any of you know of such a front end (to MySQL) that exists? Is there a
> cost or is there an open systems free program that fits?
> I imagine to create one would be fairly complicated since the whole sheet of
> records is always present as you add data. You simply plopped in data in
> cells randomly as you wish and saved once in a while. Any idea what it would
> take to code such a program?
> <fingers crossed> I hope there is such a program already instead.

If you can connect directly to the database server, use MySQL's Query
Browser[1] or Webyog's SQLyog[2].  MySQL's is free and Webyog has a free
Community version.
If you want a web frontend, I have no ideas for you, sorry.


> Bill Mudry
> Mississauga, Ontario

Niel Archer

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