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Re: WoW Launcher.exe crashs

aSynchro <wineforum-user <at> winehq.org> writes:

> Hi,
> I've got no problem playing World of Warcraft via the Wow.exe file, but 
Launcher.exe was always a little
> buggy, crashing from time to time.
> Problem is that today there's a new, small, patch, and Launcher.exe keeps 
crashing (the Launcher window
> shows up, then freeze), so i can't update and therefore, can't play.
> I use Archlinux (64bit) and wine 1.3.19.
> Crash log:
> Code:
> ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/ wine Launcher.exe 
> fixme:process:GetLogicalProcessorInformation (0x32e514,0x32eb14): stub
> fixme:wininet:INET_QueryOption INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECTED_STATE: semi-stub
> fixme:reg:RegSetKeySecurity :(0x6c,4,0x12f6d8): stub
> fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT 
(15000): STUB

> fixme:wininet:set_cookie persistent cookies not handled (L"expires=Tuesday, 
22-Nov-2011 00:00:00
> GMT; path=/; domain=.atdmt.com")
> err:wininet:HTTP_ParseDateAsAsctime unexpected weekday L"0"
> err:wininet:HTTP_ParseDate unexpected date format L"0"
> fixme:wininet:set_cookie persistent cookies not handled (L"expires=Sun, 05-
May-2013 08:59:19 GMT")

> Thanks in advance for any help ^^[/code] 


I experienced a similar problem, my System as follows:
Arch 64: uname -a => 2.6.38-ARCH
wine --version => wine-1.3.19 (recently updated)
desktop => gnome-shell (just changed)
router firewall is setup for WoW

$wine Wow.exe -opengl

resulted in a similar debug - especially the following line:
$fixme:wininet:set_cookie persistent cookies not handled ...

A google suggested that i grab winetricks and try:
$winetricks ie7

This solved my problem and now *wine Wow.exe -opengl* calls *Launcher.exe* which 
now downloads the patch correctly. I am able to use WoW in the new setup with 
Gnome-shell and wine 1.3.19 now. (winecfg is setup to run in window mode and as 
XP - but don't know if that is necessary)

Good luck with yours, hope this helps.

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