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How to revert to wine 1.5.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 using Synaptic?

I am using:
as an additional repository in Synaptic so I can use the latest (released) version of wine, 1.5.

Today, with the wine 1.5.5 update, I can no longer run World of Warcraft, so I'd like to revert to the 1.5.4 version until the latest released version works.  Unfortunately, I can't force Synaptic to use 1.5.4 (perhaps because the repository no longer offers it? I'm really not sure how this works).

Is there a way I can get Synaptic to use 1.5.4?

[I realize that I could in theory download the git and compile it, but I've had no luck following the instructions for downloading, patching, and compiling on a 64-bit system based on the existing instructions in the wiki when I tried that a few weeks ago.]


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