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Re: Software running fine in wine, how to save/open files?

WineBottler (and the Wine.app that is part of it)... are...

A. not supported here, the same as all 3rd party programs.

B. very old and no longer maintained or updated... the creator vanished and has been silent for over a year and a half.

If you want to use normal Wine that is supported here... the easiest way to do that is using Macports (at macports.org).  Remember its all command line...

If you want to find another 3rd party program (http://wiki.winehq.org/ThirdPartyApplications) thats more current, that could be a way to go too... I'd look at Crossover or Wineskin.

None of the options but build it yourself Wine and all command line usage is supported on this forum though for OSX.


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