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Re: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit + Wine 1.5.3 (or 1.4) + .NET Framework3.0

Frédéric Delanoy wrote:
> Note the "WINEARCH=win32" is not really needed since it's the default
> (unless you use/compiled "custom" 64 bit version)

Huh? It certainly isn't the default if you have 64 bit Wine installed in a shared WoW64 setup, which is the way distros are supposed to package it. There's nothing "custom" about it. Fedora and openSUSE have been doing it for a couple of years, and I believe Ubuntu is finally packaging 64 bit Wine, too. And if you have 64 bit Wine installed, specifying WINEARCH=win32 is absolutely needed to install .NET, as well as for many other apps.


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